Horse Tricks: Learning to Kiss

Look at Maxwell out there in his paddock, half-asleep, sunbathing by the fence. You’re glad he’s not chewing on it. You feel a trifle bad-guilty is more like it-that you haven’t had time to ride him like you should. You know he’s bored silly and that he’s got the smarts to learn just about anything. But, wait! There is something the two of you can do that doesn’t require the necessary time for grooming, tacking, riding and cooling out. Nor

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Teach Your Horse Tricks: “Ashamed”

Over the years, after a performance at a fair, rodeo or expo, when crowds swarmed around my horse to pet him, there were individuals who asked me how I taught the various tricks and high school movements. Their questions made me realize that there are many people who would love to teach their horses a few tricks, to show off their horse’s intelligence and their own horsemanship skills. They might want to brag to friends and family, and show what

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