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How Technology is Transforming the Equine World Drones


The equine industry is a big money industry and various technologies compete for their share of the pie. While horse racing sports are at the top as the main attraction, a lot goes on in the background in managing horse health and performance. Concerns about wild horses are also involved in the equine world. We look at the top 6 technologies that are transforming the equine world; 1) Tracking and Data Manipulation Technologies: Sensors with Augmented Reality and IoT The

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The Process of Artifical Insemination in Mares

Mares horse

The actual process of artificial insemination in a mare is not complicated, and can be learned very rapidly. Unlike artificial insemination in cattle, which involves guiding the insemination pipette through the cervix via manipulation per rectum, equine AI is carried out completely vaginally. The equine rectum is not as durable as a bovines’, and it is for this reason that rectal palpation by the lay person is not encouraged by most veterinarians and teaching facilities. Insemination per vagina does mean

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Mary: Horses that let you go over the fence first…

I took my second lesson with Jeff today. I rode Currituck (aka Sporty) who is a retired show horse. I liked Sporty better than Billy because he was more comfortable and was much easier to get into a frame. Sporty was a bit girthy so we spent a few extra minutes at the start of the lesson walking around and slowly tightening his girth. Once the girth was tight and we had walked around a few times, Jeff had us

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The Relationship Between Anxiety and Performance: A Cognitive-Behavioral Perspective


ABSTRACT This paper examines the relationship between anxiety and performance from a cognitive-behavioral perspective.  Previous research in the field has suggested that the majority of consultations conducted by sport psychologists are related to anxiety.  Included is a discussion on the theoretical underpinnings of anxiety and how it relates to performance.  Research conducted on the relationship between anxiety and performance is also discussed.  A review of the cognitive-behavioral treatments that have been used for anxiety reduction and performance enhancement within the

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Horse Tricks: Learning to Kiss

Look at Maxwell out there in his paddock, half-asleep, sunbathing by the fence. You’re glad he’s not chewing on it. You feel a trifle bad-guilty is more like it-that you haven’t had time to ride him like you should. You know he’s bored silly and that he’s got the smarts to learn just about anything. But, wait! There is something the two of you can do that doesn’t require the necessary time for grooming, tacking, riding and cooling out. Nor

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Teach Your Horse Tricks: “Ashamed”

Over the years, after a performance at a fair, rodeo or expo, when crowds swarmed around my horse to pet him, there were individuals who asked me how I taught the various tricks and high school movements. Their questions made me realize that there are many people who would love to teach their horses a few tricks, to show off their horse’s intelligence and their own horsemanship skills. They might want to brag to friends and family, and show what

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Expenses of Horse Ownership


If you are thinking of buying a horse, be aware that the cost of purchasing your horse may be the least expensive item in your horse budget. Read on to investigate the other “hidden” costs involved and make a horse budget so that you can ride without the stress of an economic monkey on your back. Your initial investment may be in the horse itself. Although prices vary depending on the age, training, and quality of the horse, the typical

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Overcoming Fear Horse Riding

Riding Sea

Stage fright occurs in over 80% of the population. The lightheadedness, and butterflies-in-your-stomach are common symptoms. Whatever your fear is, remember that you can overcome it. There are a wide variety of methods available to help you cope with your fears including: Acupressure Affirmations Hypnosis Relaxation Techniques Medication Biofeedback Cognitive Approaches (educating yourself) Visualization Conditioned Response Therapies among others. Different therapies work for different people. I tend to utilize a combination of Affirmations, Relaxation, Visualization, and Conditioned Response methods. This

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